About Us

The Process

Our intuitive, user-friendly website makes it easy to get imperative hiring information as soon as you need it, with minimal turnaround time.

Our clients simply submit requests for research through our secured website, starting with a secured user’s name and password. Through our website, our clients can view the status of their pending requests, receive updates and can download results at their convenience. Our goal is to complete searches in 24-72 hours. * Variables, out of the control of Merit Profiles, may cause a search to take longer. These issues range from receiving insufficient information to a court being closed due to natural disaster. Clients are notified when delays occur. Every search request is begun immediately upon receipt.

Our website is maintained at a dedicated web host facility. Daily backups are performed on all website data and files; and, advanced firewall and intrusion detection services are provided by the website host.

~ No set-up fees, No cancellation fees ~