Don't Hire a Stranger!

Hiring is a multi-level process involving the application, the interview, the background check, references, and the overall picture that these elements reveal about your prospective employee. Here are a couple of suggestions to remember prior to going into an interview:

  1. Check the application carefully for “red flags” such as gaps in employment and erasures or cross-outs of key information like dates, salaries, education, and job titles. Other red flags include applications that are not signed, a “yes” or blank response to questions about prior criminal convictions, reasons for leaving a job that don’t make sense, and any vague, confusing, or partial responses.
  2. Prepare for the interview well in advance so that phone calls and appointments do not distract or make you feel rushed. Ask open-ended questions and stick to job-relevant questions. Questions about sexual orientation, religion, age, weight, marital status, disabilities and children are all off limits.
  3. If you decide not to hire this particular candidate, be sure that the reason is relevant to the position. If, for example, the position does not require driving, then a DUI may not be relevant to your decision.