Careful, thorough research provides a look at an applicant’s background in Merit Profiles’ detailed, easy-to-understand, user-friendly reports.

Social Security Address Locator

  • Current and previous addresses associated with the SSN
  • Use of an AKA
  • Multiple people associated with the SSN
  • Potential theft or misuse of SSN

Driver’s History

This search will reveal driver’s license status and driving violations, such as driving with suspended license or under the influence, no proof of insurance, and speeding.

Workers Compensation Record

Use of Workers Compensation Records is limited and claims alone cannot be used as a reason for not hiring.

If following a “conditional offer of hire” a check reveals physical limitations that are job related, you may be able to rescind the offer. Use of these records is limited and should be done with approval of legal counsel.

Education Verification

False dates of attendance, false degrees, and even false institutions have been revealed in this important search. This search will also reveal information regarding years attended and degrees obtained.

Employment History Verification

This search reveals such crucial items as the reporting of false jobs, discrepancies in dates, and inaccurate or embellished job titles or salary. This search can reveal a candidate’s hiring or re-hiring potential.

Professional License Verification

For some positions, verifying a professional license can be one of the most important steps in a background. These could range from teaching credentials to nursing licenses. There are a variety of state and private sources for this information.

Registered Sex Offender Check

Based on Megan’s Law each state maintains databases of convicted sex offenders, who by law must register. The advantage of this search is that it is state-wide so even if a specific county level criminal check was not made the information could be discovered.

Criminal Records Search

These critical searches reveal felonies and misdemeanors – which can include: drug possession, kidnapping, conspiracy to distribute narcotics, assault and robbery, as well as terms of probation and sentencing information. Criminal records searches generally go back seven years and may be conducted at both the federal and county levels. In some cases, statewide searches are available.

Government Watch List

The U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) is the most important of these lists. This list identifies those individuals and/or companies that are owned or controlled by terrorist or drug dealers. U.S. citizens are generally prohibited from dealing with people or companies identified on this list. This list will also include the FBI Most Wanted, and Interpol Most wanted.

National Database Criminal Check

This search casts a large net over millions of criminal related records in privately maintained databases nationwide. These databases vary greatly in completeness and accuracy and should not be considered a thorough criminal record check. It is best used to supplement a county level criminal record search.

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